About Kedi Labs

Kedi Labs

As veterinarians and pet lovers, we have witnessed the increasing difficulties that pet owners face in accessing quality veterinary care. We hate the long waits to see the vet and we are doing our best to accommodate the growing number of pets! And our hearts go out to those with limited resources like shelters and rescues. We wanted to help and were inspired to start Kedi Labs.


Our goal is to extend our reach to those who need it most, ensuring that the animals in their care receive the attention and treatment they require. By doing so, we not only improve the lives of individual animals but also contribute to the overall welfare and health of the pet population and the veterinary community. Our tests will help prescreen patients for their veterinarians, ensuring that the patients they see are the ones that need their care the most!

It is our passion and commitment to make a positive impact in the field of veterinary care. With Kedi Labs, we hope to alleviate the challenges faced by veterinarians, pet owners, shelters, and rescues by providing accessible and affordable veterinary services. Together, we can work towards a future where every pet receives the care they deserve.

Michelle Frye, DVM, SM

Head o veterinary services

Dr. Michelle Frye leads our Veterinary Services at Kedi Labs with an unwavering commitment to affordability, accesibility and innovation in pet health. Holding a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UGA and a Masters in Epidemiology from Harvard University, her background is complemented by a rich professional experience in veterinary practice and research. Dr. Frye's career is marked by her dedication to making advanced diagnostic methods and treatments affordable and accessible for all pets.

Paige Ohlenburg

head of sales & outreach

Paige Ohlenburg brings over 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry to her role. Her deep-seated passion for animal welfare and extensive background have been instrumental in driving Kedi Labs' growth through innovative sales strategies and outreach efforts. Paige's longstanding relationships within the animal rescue community have enabled her to forge strong connections and collaborations, furthering the company's mission to improve pet health.

David Dieffenbach

head of operations

Despite bringing over 20 years of experience in the veterinary industry to his role, David Dieffenbach is most proud of being a renowned "Cat Guy" due to his deep affection for felines and extensive passion for cat health. David's dedication to the customer experience is matched by his commitment to animal health, making him a key asset in our mission to provide affordable and accessible pet care..