Your Pets

{% if customer %}
{% assign customer_id = %}

{% comment %}
Retrieve the customer's pets metaobjects
{% endcomment %}
{% assign customer_pets = customer.metafields.custom.pets %}

{% if customer_pets %}
<div class="customer-pets">
<h2>Your Pets</h2>

{% for pet in customer_pets.value %}
<div class="pet">
<h3>{{ }}</h3>
<p>Species: {{ pet.species }}</p>
<p>Age: {{ pet.age }}</p>
<p>Favorite Food: {{ pet.favorite_food }}</p>
{% endfor %}
{% else %}
<p>You have no pets listed.</p>
{% endif %}
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Head of Veterinary Services

Michelle Frye, DVM, SM

Michelle Frye, DVM, SM, is a veterinarian and epidemiologist. Dr. Frye has dedicated her career to advancing pet health through innovative diagnostic solutions. Her passion for animal welfare and preventive care led her to co-found Kedi Labs, where she currently serves as the Head of Veterinary Services. Dr. Frye is bananas for all animals.

Head of Sales & Outreach

Paige Ohlenburg

Paige Ohlenburg has spent over 20 years in the veterinary industry leading teams and educating veterinary staff on preventative care and the importance of diagnostic testing.  She is passionate about educating pet owners to be proactive to prevent and treat problems early, which led her to join her past colleagues in launching Kedi Labs. Her boys Winston (rescue pug) and Finn her Boston approve this decision.

Head of Operations & Cat Guy

David Dieffenbach

David Dieffenbach has spent his career in the veterinary industry, working closely with veterinarians and their teams to create software and diagnostic testing solutions to improve pet health.  At Kedi Labs, David serves as Head of Operations Officer and Cat Guy, though he admits dogs are pretty cool also.