Kedi Labs Unveils Affordable & Convenient At-Home Pet Diagnostic Solutions: Where Science Meets Compassion

Kedi Labs Unveils Affordable & Convenient At-Home Pet Diagnostic Solutions: Where Science Meets Compassion

Jeanette Andrews
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HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, September 20, 2023/ --About Kedi Labs:

Kedi Labs is dedicated to advancing pet care solutions. Kedi Labs is on a mission to blend technology, convenience, and affordability for pet diagnostics. Kedi Labs makes hi tech, low cost at-home pet tests.

Kedi Labs is dedicated to advancing pet care solutions. The company embodies a spirit of care for all pets and embraces their important place in our lives. With a team of expert veterinarians, epidemiologists, and animal lovers, Kedi Labs is poised to introduce innovative products and services that cater to the unique health needs of every pet.

What Sets Kedi Labs Apart:

Veterinarian-Designed Tests: Tests offered by Kedi Labs are meticulously designed by veterinarians, ensuring they cater to the specific health needs of pets.

Partnership with Leading Labs: Kedi Labs has forged partnerships with top veterinary diagnostic laboratories, ensuring precision, reliability, and timely results.

Affordable Access: One of the core missions of Kedi Labs is to democratize access to advanced diagnostic solutions, making them affordable for pet owners everywhere.

Innovation at the Core: Kedi Labs invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that every product is backed by science and tailored for optimal pet health.

Holistic Approach: Beyond products, Kedi Labs believes in holistic pet care, offering educational resources, training, and community engagement events.

Sustainability: Committed to the planet, Kedi Labs adopts eco-friendly practices in product development, ensuring a reduced carbon pawprint.

A Word from the Founder:
"Our love for pets and a vision for a healthier, happier world for them led to the inception of Kedi Labs. We're not just launching a company; we're introducing a movement towards better pet health, grounded in technology and propelled by passion. Our goal is to make pet care more affordable and accessible to all pets by offering accurate at-home, fear-free testing options for cats and dogs. ," says Michelle Frye, DVM, SM, the visionary behind Kedi Labs.

Upcoming Initiatives:
Kedi Labs will soon unveil a line of advanced pet health products, from Rapid Tests that provide results in 10 minutes to advanced SPECTRA PCR panels and BioScreen Cultures for common gastrointestinal, respiratory, urinary and dermatologic ailments in pets. Additionally, the company is collaborating with global veterinary diagnostic experts, animal shelters, and pet rescue groups to drive community initiatives.

Join the Movement:
Pet enthusiasts, retailers, animal shelters and rescues are invited to join the Kedi Labs journey. Stay updated with the latest news, product launches, and events by subscribing to the Kedi Labs newsletter and following the brand on social media.

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